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CharleneCustomized Poetry...

I'm not much good with speeches,
it isn't my orientation,

But if you choose the written word
you'll love my presentation.

I'll breathe life upon the paper
of that you can be sure,

For thousands have been helped by me
to open many a door.

Since writing is my greatest strength
and composing my forte,

You won't believe how great you'll look
in a plan or resume.

So call me when you're ready,
I'll create a work of art,

I guarantee my writing
will help you stand apart.

by: Charlene Rashkow

Customized poetry written for any occasion including Weddings, Mother's Day, Father's day, Birthday's, Anniversaries, Happenings or Special Events. Whether it's personal or professional, All Your Writing Needs will create a poem to fit the occasion.

If you're not sure what to write or how to write it, All Your Writing Needs is up for the task! Whatever your professional writing needs, no job is too big or too small! Request a Quote online, e-mail at or call (310) 514-4844 for a FREE Consultation.

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