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"A comprehensive 'everything you want to know' marketing e-book created by All Your Writing Needs Consulting Services addresses a multitude of entrepreneurial business questions, projects, written material and marketing activities."

If you have ever wished for a professional business consultant sitting beside you as you ventured forth with a procedure, business transaction, methodology, or the writing of any business material, your wish has been granted! Charlene Rashkow of All Your Writing Needs is a Writing Stylist/Consultant with over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. She has been published countless times on many popular e-zines and has written a multitude of business and marketing material for companies and individuals around the globe.


This comprehensive marketing e-book contains articles and instruction in easy to follow format from preparing a fabulous press release that gets you on TV, to guidance on your marketing strategy, all the way to shaping a business plan, methods for a fabulous resume or bio, new interviewing secrets, marketing techniques, great tips on writing e-mails and articles, e-zine information, following your career dreams, handling specific business dilemmas and much, much more. You'll even discover the how to for keeping your clients happy and satisfied and coming back for more.


You can purchase the E-Book for only $5.95 US. For easy payment, click on the Paypal logo below.

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