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Taking Charge During An Interview!
By Charlene Rashkow, Writing Stylist Copyright2003

During the past several months many individuals have unexpectedly found themselves in the position of seeking employment. Whether through layoffs, cutbacks, downsizing or simply due to the economy, a huge number of men and women are now faced with finding employment. Even for many that have been in the position of running their own companies, some are now finding themselves facing the dreaded interviewing procedure which for some can be demoralizing. While you have a lot to offer a company, you may be feeling a bit vulnerable about your situation.

One of the most important tips to remember is that you should and do have the right to interview a company in the same manner they interview you. Simply because you are sitting in the seat opposite the potential employer doesn't mean you have to accept everything at face value. Since you plan on being there for a while, you want to be sure that this is a company in which you belong. Asking the right questions can very often lead to your making the best decision without getting trapped in the wrong environment. Regardless of whether money is an issue, the emotional pain of being caught in an alien environment is not worth whatever salary is being offered.

Some people talk a bit too much during interviews yet others not enough. I suggest that you do not monopolize the interview, but be sure to interject your thoughts as the opportunity presents itself. It never hurts to make comments pertaining to something the interviewer says. You can always give mirrored feedback to be sure you heard correctly. Do not share personal information or explain negative details regarding your past employment. Steer clear of pessimistic comments about your previous boss or co-workers even if they were terrible employers.

If the interviewer talks a lot during the interview and you've not had a chance to ask your own specific questions simply inquire as to whether you may have a moment to ask a few important questions. Addressing appropriate questions pertaining to the position indicates your interest in the company and is usually met with a favorable response. If the interview is almost over and you have not had the chance to interject, don't hesitate to say that you have a few questions.

One very sticky area that most people struggle with has to do with salary requirements. It is suggested that you not bring up the subject of salary during the first interview. Although you will eventually need to know, it isn't a good idea for you to approach the subject if it hasn't come up during the interview. If the prospective employer does not address the subject, wait and see if you are called back for a second interview and then you can approach the subject. If the interviewer does bring up the subject and asks what salary you are expecting, simply put the ball back in his or her court by stating, "What would you be willing to pay someone with my experience?"

When you leave for the interview have a sheet already prepared with the names of three or four good references that have already been forewarned about your using them as a reference. Be sure they will give you a good reference. When the interview is almost over, take out your references and simply state, "By the way these are my references. Please feel free to call any one of them."

Interviewing is considered by some as a very uncomfortable experience but it doesn't have to be that way. You can choose to simply view it as a game and enjoy the process. If you come to the interview prepared and comfortable, it will show and more than likely impress the interviewer. One way to overcome the fear of not being accepted is to remember that there is always a right place for each individual person. If not this job, there will always be another.

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